About Us

What We Do To Make Pet Health Care Easy

At EZ Vet, we strive to make pet care easy so that all pets get the quality healthcare they deserve at the convenience of our " One-Stop Shop". We know many pet parents face challenges with the costs of veterinary care and the inconvenience of animal hospital hours, locations and wait times.

EZ Vet veterinary clinic provides easy access to affordable, convenient and quality veterinary care for all your pet's everyday concerns and preventative care needs. EZ Vet veterinary clinics are located inside pet friendly retail locations and offers a wide range of preventative, diagnostics and treatments for your pets. A trusted, licensed veterinarian and vet technician will address your pet’s concerns and outline treatments and recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health. Our veterinary clinics are open days, evenings and weekends. Simply walk-in, schedule an appointment online or give us a call.

What is important:

Most of the time, a visit to the veterinarian is a hassle for pet parents and intimidating for pets. EZ Vet is located inside a fun, relaxed, pet retail environment and is not like a conventional animal hospital, so your pet will be much more comfortable. Visits will usually be short and easy. There likely won’t be a wait, but if there is, you can always get some shopping done for your pet.
At EZ Vet veterinary clinic, we offer great vaccines, medications, treatments and a wide variety of other pet health services at an affordable price. Check out the services we offer today.
At EZ Vet veterinary clinic, we make veterinary care accesible and convenient for pet parents.Simply walk-in, call or make an appoinment online.
EZ Vet veterinary clinics are strategically located in participating retail pet stores and are easily accesible. Most of our clinics are open until 7 pm allowing pet parents and pets to easily come after work.


Our Veterinarians

At EZ Vet, we believe in quality medicine. Our team of licensed veterinarians provide pets with the best care possible. They also try to ensure you and your pet’s experience is worry-free. Over 80% of pet parents are extremely likely to recommend our services to a friend or colleague. We take patient feedback very seriously and strive to optimize what we do every single day. We know that excellent customer service from our veterinarian and veterinary technicians/assistants is critical to a top-notch client experience.

Our veterinarians focus on the following key areas:

  • Feeling compassion for the pet and parent. They treat each pet as if it is their own. They put animals and their owners at ease during every visit.
  • Excellent communication with the pet parents to determine exactly what the animal needs, as well as explain clearly what the diagnosis is and what the treatment will be.
  • High quality care delivery every time.

Come by and meet our friendly and caring veterinarian and veterinary assistant at any one of our convenient locations.