Aftercare & Adverse Events

Most dogs & cats will experience no adverse events from vaccinations. Always inform your veterinarian if your pet had prior reactions to any vaccines or medications. It is advisable to remain vigilant and look out for signs & symptoms of a reaction between 24-48 hours after vaccination. A small, firm swelling under the skin may develop at the site of a recent vaccination. This swelling should start to disappear within a couple of weeks. If the swelling persists more than three weeks, or seems to be getting larger, consults your veterinarian promptly. Very rarely, a vaccine associated adverse event results in hospitalization or death. Extreme allergic adverse events (anaphylaxis), although rare, occur shortly after vaccinating. Contact or go to a local 24-hour emergency veterinary facility if you think your pet is having an adverse reaction to the vaccination, unresponsive or unable to breathe.

Signs & symptoms of an adverse reaction

Repeated episodes of vomiting and/or diarrhea
Listless/lethargic or restless (more than 48 hrs)
Swollen face
Having difficulty breathing
Lumps at injection site- looks painful or drains
Hives all over the body


Please inform your EZ Vet veterinary clinic team of any adverse reactions and follow-ups that have occured. If your pet have had an adverse reaction , please inform our vet technician prior to vaccination. Our veterinarian will review your pet's vaccination history. EZ Vet Urgent Care are not liable for any cost or fees that result from treating vaccine adverse events.